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About Me

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I am a full time elementary teacher who loves to be creative in the classroom and outside. When I am not teaching I always have a "project" to work on. My projects involve art and creativity, my passion. My passion has taken me in many directions for the past 40 years from drawing, sewing, building, remodeling, to many, many more. With everything I have done there is always an element of art involved.

My latest adventure in art has lead me to Reborn dolls. I had first become familiar with them many years ago, but up until recently I had never tried to paint one. Towards the end of 2020 I saw a Reborn doll that caught my eye. I hadn't seen one in many years, but this one was different. This one looked alive! I was blown away. The details were breathtaking. I was hooked. My new project began.

Since then my passion has grown with each Reborn doll I have painted and created. I now spend many hours of my spare time painting, and researching to get the perfect details to make each doll look as real as possible. The colors and shapes in each individual feature of the face, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, skin, fingers, toes, and everything in between, I study closely. I believe that all those tiny details are what makes the difference. As an educator, I am always learning, and growing in my skills. Art is no different.

I love being a Reborn artist and sharing my work! After creating each doll I anxiously await to see who will be drawn to which one.

I am excited that you have found my website! Whether you are here discovering the art of Reborns for the first time or looking to adopt a doll, I hope you enjoy the work, love, and art that went into each doll.

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