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Q -  Do you accept payment plans?  

A -  No,  I do not accept personal payments from buyers.  Early on I accepted payments on a trial basis.  They were not successful.    It also kept others from purchasing the same doll that later would become  available again after the agreement failed.  

Q -  Is there another way I can make payments?

A -  Yes,  you can make payments through Paypal (if you qualify).  You must first set up a Paypal account.  Once you have an account you can select Paypal as your choice of payment at checkout.  You will then be directed to Paypal's website momentarily, where they will offer you ways to pay based on their qualifications.  They may or may not offer you "Pay in 4" or "Paypal Credit". 

(See Paypal  for details) 

Q -  Is there a way to see if I qualify for "Paypal Pay in 4" before I buy?

A -  Yes, once you have a Paypal account,  click "Add to Cart" the doll you are wanting to purchase.  Next, click "Checkout Paypal".  This will take you to Paypal's website to login for payment.  Once you are logged in at Paypal at this point it will show your qualified payment options.  (If qualified, your options for "Pay later" may include Paylpal Credit and/or  Pay in 4 ).

See details at PayPal Pay in 4.  If you do not wish to purchase do not select "continue" and simply log out of Paypal.  Payment will not be complete until you are prompted by Paypal to view your order and complete.  All completed orders are final.    

Q -   How many Reborn dolls are there available?  

A -   Because each doll is hand-painted and made by me, the exact Reborn in the picture that is listed under "Dolls avail"  is the exact doll you are purchasing.  Therefore,  there is only one doll available for each picture.  (If there were, for example, two Emmy Reborn dolls, then each of those dolls would have their own picture and sale listing).

Q -  Why are your prices so low?  Don't I have to pay a lot to get a high quality doll?

A -   While the term "You get what you pay for" is usually true,  my dolls are  priced lower at this time for a few reasons.  I choose to offer my Reborn dolls at an affordable lower price so that they may be enjoyed by more people.  Also, while I am not new to art,  I am fairly new to Reborn art.   While I continue to strive to perfect and master each Reborn detail, I will keep my prices in this lower price range.   So, no you do not have to pay a lot to get a high quality doll in my case.  

Q -   There are a lot of Reborn scammers.   So how do I know you are legit? 

A -    For any Reborn artist you choose make sure you do your research.  I am big on research myself.  I would be happy to take a "safety photo" for serious buyers only  since I get a large number of inquiries daily and I am a full-time teacher.  A safety photo is a  a quick pic of the exact doll along with a letter stating today's date and even your name or something clever written to prove I have the doll.   This is usually common.  I would also be happy to take more pictures to send to you upon request.  

Q -    How many Reborn dolls do you make?

A -    Since I am a full time teacher,  I spend my off hours creating Reborn dolls.    On average I may create around 2 dolls per week while teaching.  When I am on breaks,  I may possibly make more.  Right now,  Reborn dolls are a hobby that I love and take every chance I can get to work on them.  

More Questions?  

Go to my "Contact" page and send me any questions you may have.  

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