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Emmy's a Hit!

I decided to bring Emmy along to my hair salon today and see what other's thought. None of my dolls has ever left my art room except to meet their new adoptive families.

When I got to the salon I carried her with my left arm and went to the receptionist's desk to check in. All eyes turned toward my barely visible baby bundle.

"We have a tiny one here today, " was heard in a whisper.

I took a seat and placed my baby Emmy on the side table. Startled looks came in my direction. I concealed a smile knowing what they must be thinking.

Finally, my stylist called my name. I picked up Emmy and presented her. She got excited and asked permission to please hold her. My stylist already knew I was working on Reborns. Her collegues however, did not. She craddled Emmy in her arms as she approached four unsuspecting, curious women.

"Who wants to hold a baby?"

"Awe! She's so sweet," and other compliments were shared, as they stood only two feet away smiling at the newborn infant.

"She's not real," my stylist finally


Looks of disbelief were exchanged between them. Even a, "Yes she is," was replied.

These women were not accepting that. Of course she was a real baby!

To prove Emmy was a doll she put her in one of the women's arms...

The next 3 hours was spent with women taking turns holding Emmy until the next customer would come in. Then, "Hey, you have to see the doll this lady made!" The whole scene would repeat.

Emmy was a hit! It's safe to say she was the star tonight and won over many hearts.

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